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10 Cheapest European Destinations That will Keep Your Trip Budget-Friendly

Feb 1 , 2021


Here's a guideline to travel the best of Europe on a shoe-string budget

Traveling on a budget is not a joke. It takes months of planning and saving to finally go on your adventure, but that does not mean you give up. If you are looking for your next destination, you have reached the right place. We have come up with the 10 cheapest European destinations where you can travel on a budget. The budget mentioned includes your expenses per day for a single person. The costs go lower when shared with other people on the trip too. But these do not include flight or train tickets from your home destination.


Lithuania ($31)

From the Baltic regions of Europe, Lithuania has one of the most Instagram worthy spots with its magical outdoors and towns filled with Pagan history and medieval-style buildings and streets. The beaches enchant you with the Baltic Sea breezes that also count for amazing camping spots. It is one of the cheapest places to visit in the European continent, but offers nothing but a rich experience for everyone. An ideal trip to Lithuania could last about a week, the below are the expenses to include in your budget.

Budget per Day   $31
Accommodation  $16
Transport $3
Food  $12
Budget for one week trip  $217



Estonia ($30)

With more than 1,500 islands, many beautiful castles, churches, museums, and hilltop fortresses, Estonia is a dazzling holiday destination that is also reasonable on the pocket. The Tallinn TV Tower in the capital city of Tallinn, in the midst of the preserved Old Town, is an attraction to many tourists. The nature-lovers will enjoy the less populated countryside and lush green forests of Estonia. To have a full captivating experience with all of its wonders, you must spend 5 to 7 days on a trip to Estonia.

Budget per Day   $30
Accommodation  $17
Transport $5
Food  $8
Budget for one week trip  $210





Montenegro ($29)

The small Balkan country of Montenegro is made of medieval villages, beaches along the Adriatic coastline, and rugged mountains that loom over the crystal clear waters. The Bay of Kotor has numerous churches that dot the coasts. You will find bears and wolves in the less discovered areas of Montenegro as well. What is so unique about Montenegro is the warm and hospitable locals who will greet you with a spontaneous hug. Spending 5 days is a minimum to fully enjoy the new ‘it destination of Europe, and that too on a budget.

Budget per Day   $26
Accommodation  $12
Transport  $4
Food  $10
Budget for one week trip  $182

Poland ($27)

Energetic urban cities with breathing museums as well as natural wonders like rivers, lakes, woods, and hills. Poland is a stunning holiday destination with a combination of history and traditions with nature which offer a wide array of attractions and activities. The remote and unspoiled rural outskirts of Poland also offer you a mesmerizing experience in the fresh open-air that fills your soul. If you want to feel the splendor of Poland, you must spend no less than 10 days in this gothic paradise.

Budget per Day   $28
Accommodation  $21
Transport $2
Food  $5
Budget for 10 day trip  $280


Hungary ($26)

Budapest, Europe’s most photogenic city, is not all that Hungary is known for. The stunning architecture seen in the Roman ruins and medieval townhouses of Hungary make for a magical feeling of content while walking down the artistic narrow lanes of the towns and cities of Hungary. The thermal spas and springs give you a therapeutic, medicinal, as well as recreational experience that helps you let go of everything holding you back. Be a part of the richest folk traditions that still lives and breathes, by just spending time and relaxing with everything that Hungary has to offer, including the most sophisticated cooking style in all of Europe. Capture the essence of Hungary in just 4 days, that is all it takes to come back feeling new.

Budget per Day   $25
Accommodation  $14
Transport $4
Food  $7
Budget for 4 day trip  $100


Bosnia and Herzegovina ($25)

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not really a popular destination in Europe. It is truly a loss for those unaware of the beauty and mystery of this treasure-trove of a place. You will find plenty of medieval villages, lakes and rivers, and the Dinaric Alps in the countryside. The capital city of Sarajevo preserves old landmarks like quarters and mosques all the way from the 16th century. The city of Mostar has the world-famous bridge of Stari Most where people throw themselves off the bridge from a height of 20m into the ice-cold waters of River Neretva. Five days is sufficient to take in all the magical tranquility of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all of its thrilling experiences.

Budget per Day   $24
Accommodation  $11
Transport $3
Food  $10
Budget for 5 day trip  $120


Bulgaria ($24)

Bulgaria has so much potential as a holiday destination. It definitely should be a part of your bucket list, especially since it is not an expensive destination. With unforgettable adventures, cities filled with nature and history, and the golden beaches, Bulgaria leaves you feeling fresh and amazed all the time. The impressive religious art blended into the architecture of the cities and the untamed landscapes that excite adventure-lovers, you will never run out of things to do in Bulgaria. It is recommended to spend at least a week in Bulgaria to be able to taste all the flavors of Bulgaria.

Budget per Day   $25
Accommodation  $14
Transport $5
Food  $6
Budget for one week trip  $175


Latvia ($24)

The wide beaches, fairytale-like forests, cities and towns with the architecture and design of theatrical style. The country of Latvia has much more beautiful sights than just these. To top it off, it is very cheap too. The ancient palaces and castles take you back in time where you can truly appreciate the rich culture and traditions of Bulgaria. The streets and museums are filled with local food, music, and crafts. All it takes is 3 days to absorb the picturesque beauty of Latvia.

Budget per Day   $23
Accommodation  $12
Transport $2
Food  $9
Budget for 3 day trip  $69


Albania ($21)

Albania hasn’t been welcoming tourists until recently in the 90s, which leaves wanderers like us so much to discover for ourselves. Fortress towns, castles, mountains, sparkling beaches, are enough to enchant anyone who takes a chance to visit Albania. The rocky cliff lines lead to the turquoise-colored waters of the sea. The mysterious and historic Ottoman towns along the hillside invite you to explore more. You can even spend lazy days at the beach and enjoy delicious seafood along the shores. A few days will not be enough to cover Albania, since it is an undiscovered land, you should take a good 10 days to experience what so many have not.

Budget per Day   $19
Accommodation  $9
Transport $4
Food  $6
Budget for one week trip  $190


Ukraine ($11)

Ukraine is Europe’s biggest country, with the exception of Russia which shares area with Asia as well. This large and diverse nation offers so much undiscovered sights and experiences with its Black Sea coastlines, forested mountains, and colorful traditions. The capital city of Kiev is home to the famous gold-domed St Sophia’s Cathedral. The Hutsul festivities, the coffee from Lviv, beach parties of Odesa, and Ukraine’s food is not to be missed. There is so much to discover and uncover in the vast lands of Ukraine, you would need at least 2 weeks to explore all that there is.

Budget per Day   $11
Accommodation  $7
Transport $0.39
Food  $3
Budget for 2 week trip  $154

So there it is, our top 10 cheapest European countries where you can plan your next holiday on a budget. Go through our all-inclusive tour packages to Europe, or even contact us for your own adventure-filled customized trip. If you need more help with your budget, read "7 ways to keep your trip budget-friendly" and "How to travel Europe cheap". 

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