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How To Travel Cheap? Here Are 7 Best Ways To Keep Your Trip Budget-friendly

Feb 1 , 2021


7 foolproof tips for you to enjoy your vacation on a budget without compromising the fun it.


You dream to travel across the world. You work so hard to make those dreams come true. But at the end of the day, we keep postponing our plans for one and only one reason – budget! Not gonna lie, traveling is not cheap, there are a lot of expenses to be considered. But that doesn’t mean we give up, there are plenty of ways to make it happen. Here are 7 ways to make sure your travel plans don’t come to a halt because you are afraid of burning a hole in your pocket.

Research. When you’re done, research more.

The first step to planning your travel is, of course, researching the destination you wish to get to. You also need to be a little flexible when choosing a destination to travel to, this way you can compare prices and fares and make a better choice. Another tip that is very useful is to plan way ahead, at least 4-5 months prior so that you can start saving and make bookings and confirmations at a discounted rate. At this initial stage, you need to list down each and every aspect that would need spending and find out ways to make it cheaper.


Make a budget. And stick to it!

Now that you have decided on a destination and researched all the costs involved with the travel, it is time to come up with an ideal budget that would accommodate everything you need in the trip. You don’t need to keep the budget so low that you don’t get to actually enjoy the trip. The goal is to make use of everything available by spending as less as possible.


Book in advance for cheap deals

We are looking for the cheapest of everything, cheap flights, cheap stay, cheap food, and just maintaining the lowest cost per day as possible. Booking air tickets, and hotel rooms at least 6 weeks in advance is considered ideal to get the best rates. Don’t be afraid to book connecting flights, it may take longer, but you could do so much more with the money you saved. Another tip that could help you find cheaper tickets and stay, is to plan your travel around off-seasons. The prices and fares drop down drastically when you travel off-season. Also, when booking round trips it is cheaper to choose airports that are not main travel hubs.


Discounts and offers

When planning your activities for the trip, look for discounts through different websites and apps. If you are using credit cards, find one that doesn’t charge you a fee for foreign transactions. Using credit card points and air miles helps you cut down so much on costs.

Save money while traveling

Pack light, make sure you take things that are absolutely necessary. By doing this, you can save on depositing your luggage at place where they charge for it. Choosing to stay at hostels and dorms instead of hotels and motels. There are options of couch surfing where sometimes you can stay for free as well. Apps like Airbnb also offer you reasonable options where locals invite you into their homes. Use public transport, most of the tourists destinations are very well connected when it comes commuting. Some places even offer student passes and tourist passes for a number of days. Sometimes, using public transport also adds to the essence of the place. Food is a very important part of what defines a place too. However, you don’t need to go only for fine dining experiences, most of the time the best food is found at the most unexpected of places, like the local street food never disappoints you. You can also try splurging on one meal and just snacking the rest of the day.


Make money while traveling

Yes, it is kind of absurd. But it may be possible that you run out of funds while on the trip. What do you do then? There are so many ways you can earn money during your holiday, which can be a rewarding experience too. You could work in hostels and assist them with operations in return for free stay and food or a nominal salary. You could sign up with walking tour companies and pick up tourists from hostels which also give you tips at the end of the day. Volunteering while traveling is another option, but mostly only if you are going to be traveling for a longer period of time. There are apps you could sign up to that will send you alerts of potential part-time opportunities too, like Foap, Roadie, Field Agent, etc.


Ask locals for tips to free events and activities

Talking to people, the locals, bar tenders at pubs, etc., really help you if you are looking to explore more of a particular destination. They suggest you places that are not mainstream and don’t charge exorbitant entry fees. You don’t need to go with organized tours if you know where you want to go. As mentioned earlier, using the public transport just adds more to your experience.


So, there it is. 7 foolproof tips for you to enjoy your vacation on a budget without compromising the fun it. At TYHO, we don’t let your budget stop you from chasing your travel dreams. Travel your Heart Out!

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